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Here you will find an updated list of rules to follow when attending EVAC. If you're into that kind of thing.


Posted by Neil Golding

In order to make EVAC a happier place, there are a few little rules:

General Rules

1. Relax and enjoy yourself!

2. No threatening behaviour.

3. Respect equipment which is not yours – both the club’s and other people’s property. That includes the throwing of controllers, putting games back in the correct case when changing games and being extremely careful when handling food and drinks near the consoles.

4. Only members of the EVAC Committee are to set up and shut down the projector – we cannot afford to replace a bulb.

5. Club property can be borrowed by members, if you’re interested, talk to the club librarian to negotiate terms.

6. Consoles, games and other private property may be brought to and used at meetings (and we encourage you to do so!), but the club takes no responsibility for them.

Game-Play Rules

1. If you win 3 games in a row in free play in a fighting game, it is good etiquette to then chose random characters (or in Soul Calibur 3/4, random creation). This ensures player turnover and generally makes things more interesting for all involved.

2. No hogging. If you are playing a game and lose, and someone else wants to play, then pass the controller/stick on to someone who has yet to have a turn (or who hasn’t played for a while.). In 4 player games, generally, the more people wanting a turn, the faster the player turnover should be.

Projector Use

As mentioned in the general rules, the Projector is our most expensive piece of equipment. Please leave the setting up and packing up of the projector to the EVAC Committee.