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EVAC is the Video Gaming Club of Adelaide University. You can find us playing the some of our favourite latest and classic console games every Friday evening during the course of each University term.

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EVAC 26/3/10 – Elf Vs. Abel Club

Posted by Thom Diment On March - 24 - 2010

…but the other characters can play too.
That’s right, it’s that time of the month.
EVAC is holding our monthly SFIV tournament this week from 5.30 PM.

We’ll be meeting as usual from 4-8PM, this week in Harry Medlin South on Level 4 of Union House (the same place we were last week). With any luck there’ll be games galore on offer the whole time, so come for the Street Fighter and stay for the obituar…Naruto.
See you there, or on the forums.

EVAC 19/3/10 – Eclectic Voting Advice Club*

Posted by Thom Diment On March - 18 - 2010

EVAC is finally back where it belongs, in the Harry Medlin Rooms, Level Four of Union House. To celebrate, we’ll be partying on down in true EVAC fashion with some video games, new and old and the odd political discussion*. See you there, 4-8 PM. For more information, check out the forums.

*Any actual politics regarding the weekend’s election is unlikely to be forthcoming.

EVAC 5/3/10 – Ghost March

Posted by Thom Diment On March - 4 - 2010

After the success of last week’s 16 player SSFIV tournament, EVAC (Your local video games club) is at it again with a PacMan VS tournament! The tournament will be on from 5.30, but we’ll be in Union Cinema from 4 to 8 PM (Level 5 Union House, next to the Unibar), so drop in any time.

It’s our last week in Union Cinema for a while, so we’ll we making the most of the giant projector screen this week. If you have any suggestions for what to put on the screen or any questions, head over to theforums. See you Friday.

EVAC 12/02/10 – NOT Sardines

Posted by Thom Diment On February - 11 - 2010

EVAC is on, 4-8 PM in the Union Cinema (Level 5 Union House, next to the Unibar) this week, despite what you may have been told. The WP Rogers room lies in the future, but here’s a pretty photo of the man in anticpation, anyway.

To honour the great man’s (and his great beard’s) work on parasites, this week will have the Street Fighter scrubs sponging off of some of Adelaide’s finest players, learning the moves and strategies of the game, as well as all the usual EVAC hijinks. For details, check out the forums.

O’Week 2010

Posted by Thom Diment On February - 8 - 2010

Yes, Adelaide Uni’s very own gamers club will be at O’Week on Monday and Thursday with a stall on the Barr Smith Lawns, drop on in, register for the year and enjoy the variety of games on offer*.

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EVAC 5/12/2010 – Triumphant Return

Posted by Thom Diment On February - 5 - 2010

EVAC is back in 2010, even before the university season, how’s that for organised? The Union Cinema┬álocation was found by almost everybody, including some new faces, for TvC and Naruto UNS action. Don’t get too comfy, though, we’re somewhere else next week, so keep your eyes peeled on the site and the forums.

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EVAC 11/12/2009 – 2009 Finale

Posted by Neil Golding On December - 11 - 2009

This week will be the final EVAC for 2009! We will be celebrating with more New Super Mario Bros Wii, Lego Rock Band and Naruto GNT 4. EVAC will be in the Harry Medlin rooms as usual, running from 4pm to 8pm. Come along, bring some friends and have some fun gaming! Read the rest of this entry »

EVAC 04/12 Recap

Posted by Neil Golding On December - 6 - 2009

Last Friday we gathered in Medlin rooms, like every other Friday, to play video games. We had New Super Mario Bros. and Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii, along with Street Fighter IV, Rock Band 2, Mega Man 9 (Endless) on the PS3s. Jump behind the cut for imagery! Read the rest of this entry »

EVAC 04/12/2009 – Holiday Round 2

Posted by Neil Golding On December - 1 - 2009

EVAC will be having it’s second Holiday session this Friday (4th of December), with Rock Band 2, Street Fighter, New Super Mario Wii and much more. We’ll be in the Harry Medlin rooms, however due to the time of year, there is a chance we may be shuffled down the hall into the Margaret Murray room. This alternative room is the one with the glass entrance wall. EVAC runs from 4 to 9pm. Read the rest of this entry »

EVAC 06/11 Recap and onwards!

Posted by Neil Golding On November - 28 - 2009

Last EVAC saw us shuffled into a different room at the last minute. We were unable to play New Super Mario Wii due to unforeseen circumstances, but we still had a good time with Guitar Hero 5, Street Fighter IV and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Gamecube. Read more for a few images. Read the rest of this entry »