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500 tournament rules 
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Post 500 tournament rules
Scoring table needs a bit of work.
Need to work out how to handle different sets of participant numbers.
Time limit will need to be changed.

Players are split into groups of four.
Each group of four will play three games, covering all possible partnerships.
Games have a time limit of 20 minutes. At the conclusion of a game or after 20 minutes has elapsed (whichever comes first) scores are frozen and each individual has points added to their total.

Points will be awarded as follows:
1 point for being above 500 points
1 point for winning the game
If no winner has been determined by the end of the time limit, the team with the higher score is awarded 1 point.
-1 point for ending the game on a -500 or lower score.

For example, A, B, C and D are put into a group. They play three games with the following results:
AB: 210 CD: 530
AC: -550 BD: 110
AD: 300 BC: 200

The final scores for these players are as follows:
A: 0
B: 1
C: 2 1
D: 3 4

From each group of four, the top player(s) will be selected to move on to the next set of partnerships.

Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:12 pm

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Post Re: 500 tournament rules
umm... Should we double check those scores, I have

1st game
AB : 0, CD : 2
2nd game
AC : -1, BD : 0/1
3rd game
AD : 1, BC : 0

So adding them I get
A : 0
B : 0/1
C : 2
D: 3/4

So either B or D is wrong based on the second game (do you still get 1 point for winning when your opponent hits -500?)

more importantly, when are we planning on doing this? (Oh wait it is just going to be a massive running thing isn't it based on how many decks and players we have)

Yes I did wait several months before joining just to be the 100th member and for a while I thought it would never happen.

Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:27 pm
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Post Re: 500 tournament rules
You're right, I dropped a point for player D. By my intended scoring, they'd get 4 points at the conclusion of this round.

You get a point for winning the game - so yes, you get a point if the opposing team drops below -500. However I have no idea if these points are fair, so they're perfectly open to discussion and tweaking.

See the EVACuation thread for tournament rules impetus.

PS. I once came second in a doubles badminton tournament with rotating partners, even though I lost every match.

Wed Jul 17, 2013 12:31 pm
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Post Re: 500 tournament rules
Also C should only be on one point - they're assigned two points for winning round 1 on over 500, lose one point for going out the bottom in round 2, and get no points for losing round 3.

As far as points go, I think we want to reward winning with a bid more than anything else. As such, I'd allocate points in the following fashion (they're all cumulative):

Win: 1 point
Winning bid: 1 point
Achieve over 500 points: 1 point
Drop below -500 points: -1 point

In the case of precisely tied scores at the time limit, I'd be inclined to award a win to both teams - though I'd also be fine with awarding half points or calling it a double loss. So, here are the possible scenarios:

Win by going out the top: 3 points
Win by other team going out the bottom: 1 point (2 points if you're over 500)
Win by points at the time limit: 1 point (2 points if you're over 500)
Tie with exactly equal points: 1 point (2 points if you're over 500) [this could also vary from 0.5 to 1.5 or 0 to 1 depending on how we call ties]
Lose by going below -500: -1 point
Lose by other means: 0 points (1 point if you're over 500)

It's a bit game-able, in that teams could collude to inflate one another's scores by deliberately allowing each other to climb past 500 before playing for super reals (or equally, teams could deliberately play for a draw, which is decent points for both), but I'm not sure it's not too much of an issue.


Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:07 pm
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