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Excitement Value Always Climbs 
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Post Excitement Value Always Climbs
Hey everyone just informing you all of one of our more important events the Annual General Meeting where we elect a new Committee in about three (3) weeks on Friday the 12th of August at about 6pm in Harry Medlin North. Here is a basic agenda:

Opening and Welcome


Approval of Previous Minutes (to follow)

President's Report (We did things)
Vice-President's Report (Also we did things)
Treasurer's Report (We have some money)
Secretary's Report (Also some members)

Election (why we are all there):
Election of Returning Officer (from then on it is their show)
Dissolution of previous committee
Election of new President
Election of new Vice-President
Election of new Treasurer
Election of new Secretary
Election of two (2) general committee members

General Business

Other Business

Return to Video Gaming

I should also have a physical copy (maybe more) of the previous minutes and the current constitution available there.

I hope to see at least ten (10) of you there so that we have quorum.

EVAC Secretary,
Nicholas Picone.

Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:03 pm

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Post Re: Excitement Value Always Climbs
Minutes of AGM 31/07/2015

Name of Club: Extremely Versitile Acronym Club

Meeting Type: Annual General Meeting
Date: 31/07/2015
Time: 6:00
Venue: Harry Medlin North

Chair & attendance
Hywel Bennett took the Chair and declared the meeting open at 6:04

Present: Hywel Bennett
Nicholas Picone
John Scobie
Paul Whan
Sam Thomas
Kevin Nguyen
Adam Trimboli
Nick Rigo
Jake Wenzel
Max Wachtel
Shaun Zander
Ethan Levy
Christine Mackrell
Iain Neilson
Michael Marrone
Mark Stoffels
Garry Mitrovic
Chris Renfrey
Simon Willcocks
David Scott
Alethea Lim (late)

Approval of Previous Minutes
Moved: That the previous year's AGM minutes be approved

Moved Ethan Levy

Seconded Shaun Zander


Committee Reports
Chair of the meeting handed to Paul Whan
President's Report: Attached.
Moved: That the President's Report be accepted as given

Moved Paul Whan

Seconded Ethan Levy


Chair of the meeting handed back to Hywel Bennett
Vice President's Report:
Main concern is co-ordination with the CA, as they have gone silent everything has been done admirably.

Moved: That the Vice President's Report be accepted as given

Moved Shaun Zander

Seconded Ethan Levy


Treasurer's Report:
The club has money, we are not going to run out anytime soon.

Moved: That the Treasurer's Report be accepted as given

Moved Shaun Zander

Seconded Ethan Levy


Secretary's Report:
We have 56 members, 53 paid, 42 student and 39 paid student.

Moved: That the Secretary's Report be accepted as given

Moved Ian Neilson

Seconded Ethan Levy


Election of Committee

Moved: That David Scott be appointed Returning Officer of election of Committee Members
Moved David Scott
Seconded Ethan Levy
Chair of the Meeting handed over to David Scott.
Dissolution of Previous Committee
Nominations for President:
Hywel Bennett:
Nominated: Michael Marrone
Seconded: Christine Mackrell
Hywel Bennett accepts his nomination.
Hywel Bennet elected unopposed.
Nominations for Vice President:
Simon Willcocks:
Nominated: Simon Willcocks
Seconded: Nicholas Picone
Simon Willcocks elected unopposed
Nominations for Treasurer:
Shaun Zander:
Nominated: Shaun Zander
Seconded: Hywel Bennett
Shaun Zander elected unopposed
Nominations for Secretary:
Nicholas Picone:
Nominated: Christine Mackrell
Seconded: Ethan Levy
Nicholas Picone accepts his nomination
Nicholas Picone elected unopposed
Nominations for two (2) General Committee members:
Christine Mackrell:
Nominated: Christine Mackrell
Seconded: Max Wachtel
Michael Marrone:
Nominated: Michael Marrone
Seconded: Nicholas Picone
Kevin Nguyen:
Nominated: Kevin Nguyen
Seconded: Ethan Levy
As we have more candidates then available positions this has moved to a vote, using the Hare-Clark optional preferential voting system.
Kevin Nguyen is elected on first preferences.
Michael Marrone elected on second preferences
Moved: That the Returning Officer’s report of election results be accepted
Moved Shaun Zander
Seconded Ethan Levy
General Business
We have recieved complaints about people getting out the big TVs and not putting them bag and borrowing some of the other club stuff and not notifying us. We also have had some issues with the fact that almost all of the TVs are smash. We have a lot of smash, but it does get played a lot by a lot of people for the full 4 hours.
Bringing back Game of the Week appears to be a good suggestion, probably close to the door when we are likely to have new people, probably reserve a TV close to the door for it. Also a suggestion of some kind of whiteboard near the front to display that they should come in and interact. We may also want to look at giving priority to members for our equipment. Possibly also look at drawing a line in the sand and getting them to sign up. In addition if they sign up it will help keep the club in business.
Any Other Business
Suggestion to turn our membership cards into Name tags to facilitate a more open and welcoming atmosphere, is something to look into for the cards next year.
Michael Marrone has announced that he is happy to take over Game of the Week, please help in providing suggestions of games you can provide.
Garry Mitrovic has mentioned that he often has a screen or projector spare to borrow if you wish, make sure you ask him first.
Shaun Zander has completed his quick count of the club cashbox, we have $721.35
Close of Meeting
The Chair closed the meeting at 6:45

Yes I did wait several months before joining just to be the 100th member and for a while I thought it would never happen.

Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:04 pm

Joined: Mon Dec 24, 2012 8:36 pm
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Post Re: Excitement Value Always Climbs
President’s Report

This year the club has shown stability in the membership, and the turnout to our weekly meetings, remaining strong throughout the entire first semester.
More events have been held than previous years.
The first event after the last AGM was our festive season pass-the-parcel, being reprised after the success of the previous year. Again, it was well received, and the club may consider making it an ‘official’ tradition.
O-Week also went very well, with the Club getting a reasonable amount of attention from the Super Smash Bros. setup at the stall. On a side note: our club now owns two rather sturdy tent pegs. I would like to thank everyone who assisted on the day, ensuring our club has sufficient members to keep running. It is also good to see the continuation of very nice deal with Pulp Fiction Comics for our members, which is helpful when convincing people to join the club. The assistance of Pulp Fiction Comics with providing some prizes for the Quiz Night, which was held earlier this year, was also much appreciated. The Quiz Night garnered less interest than hoped, but still made a profit, with the excess drinks being sold during EVAC meetings. A process that has been well received, with some suggesting we should continue to sell beverages at meetings, and is something to consider for the committee elected for this coming term.

Some observations, and minor complaints, have been voiced about the use of club equipment and the room. These include people not cleaning or packing up after themselves, borrowing of equipment and, shall I say, the fact the adage “variety is the spice of life” is not reflected in the games played on the TV’s, and that sometime it is awkward to change this, when the use of the TV’s has already been established in a given meeting. It is recommended that these issues be discussed during the AGM.

Overall, it has been a successful year, in no small part due to the dedication of all of you. It is thanks to our strong membership I believe we are in a strong position to have an even more prosperous year next year.

Hywel Bennett
EVAC President


Yes I did wait several months before joining just to be the 100th member and for a while I thought it would never happen.

Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:05 pm
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