+Adelaide Uni Video Games Club


We are a student-run console video games club situated at the Adelaide University. You can find more information about us here.


Posted by Thom Diment


EVAC (affectionately called the Extremely Versatile Acronym Club) is the club resulting from the merger of the Adelaide Uni Video Gamers Association (AUVGA) and the Adelaide Japanese Animation Society (AJAS – Adelaide Uni branch). We’re older than the X-Box, but try to keep pretty up-to-date. We are registered with the Adelaide University Union.

Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and encouraging social atmosphere in which people can enjoy themselves while laying down the smack down in a variety of video games.


Friday Night Gaming:

What: 4 hours of video games
When: 4-8pm Friday afternoons during uni term time
Where: Harry Medlin North, Union House, Adelaide Uni.

This is our main activity. Come join in for video games, old and new. EVAC currently owns a Wii, WiiU and PlayStation 3. Individuals (including YOU!) are welcome to bring their own systems along too. All systems have a variety of games, provided we remember to bring them along.


Every now and then we run tournaments for glory and occasionally even prizes! We’ll announce tournaments on our Facebook page and on the main site (if we remember)

EVAC Gaming Online


Membership cost is from $5 per year ($10 for those not a student of Adelaide Uni), but visitors are welcome to drop by and stay a while to find out what it’s all about :). This membership entitles you to discounts at Pulp Fiction Comics, voting powers at our AGM and makes you eligible to stand for committee positions. We also appreciate people signing up to the membership so that we can continue to exist!